Special Events

Things We Enjoy Doing Together At St. Paul's


Taizé: An evening of prayer, meditation and music, returns to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in DeKalb, on first of the month Fridays, at 7:00 PM. All are welcome!

Join us for a meditative candlelit gathering that is simple, beautiful, and about praying and listening with the whole self rather than with the mind only. By singing together simple chants, those participating in the way of Taizé are invited to enter into prayer and attention to the sacred. Taizé, an ecumenical community in France, has long been committed to promoting and praying for reconciliation, peace, and unity. 


In the spring our “Green Team” gets to work planting the garden with veggies and flowers for summer and autumn harvest. We grow beets, potatoes, zucchini, cucumber, green beans, sunflowers and more. These are then delivered to food pantries of nearby churches. The flower and rose garden in the front of the church is for those who prefer flower gardening. Everyone is welcome to join in.


We clear the grounds (all five acres) of deadfall from the trees and gather for a community bonfire near the time of All Hallows Eve, and share stories, food and drink.

The Church Path

Some of us like to maintain the Church Path—a path running through St. Paul’s grounds between Normal and Garden Roads, or from the local community and sorority and frat houses on the other side of Normal to the NIU Business School on Garden Road. We have a ministry of signs along the path to encourage and amuse those walking, and to keep the path open and safe for foot travel.