Instructors - Sunday School


Marilyn Cleland

Marilyn was Editor of the Mars Hill Proclaimer since 2008, is a Professor Emerita at Purdue Univeresity Calumet, where she taught writing, linguistics, and literature until 2007, as well as serving as the Director of the Composition Program and of the Writing Center. Marilyn also taught in the English Department at NIU, which granted her her PhD in Rhetoric and Linguistics. 

At NIU, she taught in the ESL Program and developed and then served as Assistant Director of the Center for International Students. Marilyn taught international students in the ESL Composition program and later developed the ESL Program for Purdue University, developing curriculum and training faculty. Marilyn has taught abroad, for a semester in Slovakia as a Fulbright Scholar and most recently in China, where she led a group of Purdue instructors in a proram to train Chinese teachers of English.

Marilyn has been a member of St. Paul's for many years; her children, John and Moira, were baptised here and served as acolytes. Both are now involved in church life with their own families.

Gretchen Schlabach

Gretchen joined St. Paul's church in 1991. She is a Eucharistic Minister and has served on the vestry several times. She enjoys the diverse cultural and philosophical perspectives the Episcopal church offers and finds much joy in sharing the facilitation of the adult Sunday school program.

She is Professor & Program Director of Athletic Training at Northern Illinois University. She grew up in Whippany, New Jersey where she and her family were members of St. Peter's In Morristown, NJ.  



Maureen Gerrity

Maureen and her children started attending St. Paul's in 1992. In addition to teaching Sunday School Maureen is also a member of the Adult/Youth Choir. Maureen is an Assistant Administrator at Barb City Manor Retirement Home.


“I had been away from organized religion for over 10 years, but felt a strong need to give my children a foundation in faith. From our first visit, I felt I had found what I was looking for - it was a tremendous relief to be in a place where it is okay to have an opinion! In May 1993, my four children were baptized and I was received into the Episcopal Church. All of my children have since been confirmed at St. Paul's. The members of St. Paul's have been an integral part of my children's transition into adulthood! I became a Sunday school teacher a few years after joining St. Paul's because Eva Leonard asked me to! She and I were co-leaders for the intermediate class. Talking with children about God and Jesus Christ always leaves me with a sense of renewal! I do believe that I am the one that benefits the most from this experience!“