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Dick Dowen

Dick Dowen has been a member at St. Paul's since 2001. He has served on the Vestry, the Endowment Committee and as Treasurer. His ministries include serving the community through Elder Care Services, Salvation Army and Kiwanis International. He is retired a Professor and Department Chair in the NIU Department of Finance.

Member -
Marilyn Cleland
Member -
Rick Johns
Member -
Rebecca Smith
Member - Jane Nenonen

Jane has been a member of St. Paul's since she was a student at Northern Illinois University. During the subsequent years, she has served on the Bishop's Committee (when St. Paul's was a mission), the Vestry, the Altar Guild, the Flower Guild and as a lector. Jane is a retired high school teacher and office administrator. In retirement, she volunteers at the Pay-It-Forward House and with CourtWatch.
Lori Judkins

Lori Judkins has been a member since Easter 2015, and is a recent convert to the Episcopalian faith from the Roman Catholic faith. She is very happy to have found a truly open and confirming faith where her whole family, husband, daughter, her wife and child, and herself can all come and be accepted and loved. St. Paul's really lives by the saying "Love your neighbor as yourself." After only being here a short time, she loves hosting Coffee Hour and serving on the Flower Guild and is happy to be serving on the Search Committee. 
Member -
Marv Kombrink


February 20, 2018

The Search Committee is preparing the document required for recruiting new clergy for the Office of Transition Ministries (OTM). The goal is that the preliminary version of that document be submitted to the Diocese. As soon as the Diocese has that preliminary version, the opening at St. Paul's for a new rector will be announced. The document itself will be subject to further revision before being published to the potential candidates. 

We have some good news in that Father Victor Conrado, who is our liaison with the Diocese on the search, has indicated that two potential candidates have approached asking when our position will be formally announced. The formal announcement will happen as soon as our preliminary OTM document is submitted. The Search Committee is also working on a Parish Profile of St. Paul's which will be put on the St. Paul's website.

Thank you,

Dick Dowen