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Your Marriage at St. Paul’s


Welcome to the Episcopal Church of St. Paul!  We are very pleased that you have chosen to be married at this Church. We believe this is a time of great joy and anticipation. We want to share with you our experience and wisdom in providing guidelines and suggestions to make your ceremony all it can be and a wonderful memory forever. It is our hope that this information will help answer many questions and relieve some of the anxiety.


Christian practice, Episcopal Church traditions, etiquette, and good taste all are used as resources in the planning of your special day.  Much of the symbolism and ritual we use is very ancient and brings to you a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects of love.  If you have other questions, be sure to discuss them with the parish clergy, musician or Altar Guild member involved with your service.


Again, our congratulations and prayers on your anticipated occasion. Read more about Wedding Policies at St. Paul's

What to Know First


The priest should be consulted before any wedding date is set to assure no conflicts in your planning.  A year before is not too early. Read more...


Pre-Marital Counseling


Marriage is a life changing event no matter how long and under what circumstances you have known your intended.  It is expected that you will make three appointments with the priest concerning the nature, purpose, and meaning of Christian marriage. Read more...


(Please note:  for those couples living outside a commuting distance to St. Paul’s arrangements can be made with the priest at St. Paul’s for premarital counseling to take place elsewhere.)


A Wedding at our Church must keep in mind the rules, laws and canons of the State of Illinois and the Episcopal Church of America.

            ***that at least one person be a baptized Christian

            ***it shall be within the discretion of the priest to decline to solemnize any          marriage

A document which formally declares your intention to be married according to the Church is signed and recorded at the Church.  Your license must be obtained in the county in which the ceremony is to take place.


About the Ceremony


Site and Ceremony: You are encouraged to make the Holy Communion/Eucharist a part of your ceremony, especially if one member is an Episcopalian.  It is assumed that the wedding will take place in the Church unless special arrangements have been made with the consent of the priest. Read more...

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