Greetings, friends of St. Paul's Lobster Boil!

Due to unknowns about the covid-19 coronavirus pandemic restrictions, we are going to postpone the 2021 Lobster Boil until the spring of 2022. 

Until then, stay safe and dream of delicious lobsters to come. 

Charities Receive Support

The Lobster Boil at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church has been a DeKalb tradition for nearly five decades. This fundraiser supports both church activities and social service agencies in the community.

As part of the tradition, half of the proceeds from the Lobster Boil are donated to local charities that directly help people in need. The Episcopal Church Women and the People of St. Paul's donated $2,500 to local charities from the proceeds of the 2019 Lobster Boil.

distributed checks to five local charities and agencies including: Safe Passage, Children’s Waiting Room in the Courthouse, Family Service Agency, Voluntary Action Center, and Hope Haven. These organizations address diverse issues the community faces including domestic abuse and crisis, poverty, hunger, and homelessness, and they provide counseling, senior services and advocacy services for children.