Lobster Boil-May 19, 2018





Lobster Boil & Church Phone

 (815) 756-4888

Order On-Line & Pay with a Credit Card via PayPal.


  • You do not need to have a PayPal account.
  • You may pay with your credit card thru our site w/PayPal.
  • All major credit cards accepted.
  • Please follow these steps:
  • Find the button that matches the lobster price & pick up time you want.
  • Live Lobster $18.00 at 4 P.M. or Cooked Lobster $20.00 at 5, 6, & 7 P.M.
  • Click on and follow the PayPal prompts to purchase your lobsters.
  • You will receive an email receipt from PayPal & St. Paul's confirming your order. Thanks!
Order Here! Scroll Down Page.
Order On Line with a Credit Card or Print Out and complete the order form for Check Payments Below
Deadline to Order on line Midnight, Monday, May 14!

St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Collaboration with our Episcopal Church Women (ECW) Ministry

 Invite You to Join in our Annual Lobster Boil Fundraiser with proceeds going to the Community!

Live Lobster 
Pick-Up 4 PM
Cooked Lobster
Pick-Up 6 PM
Cooked Lobster 
Pick-Up 5 PM
Cooked Lobster 
Pick-Up 7 PM

To place an order and to pay by check 

via the Mail or to drop off at St. Paul's, 

please follow the steps below:


  • Complete (fill out) the form as prompted.

  • Be sure to check off the number of lobsters and chosen pick up time.

  • Write check out to "The Women of St. Paul's Church".

  • Place order form and check into a stamped envelope and Mail To: Lobster Orders-St. Paul's Church-900 Normal Rd., DeKalb, IL 60115.

  • Drop-Off in Person between 10 AM to 2 PM Monday through Thursday: Stop by the church parish office via the kitchen entrance, on the back/southeast side - to get information, fill out an order form, leave order with our church administrative assistant.

  • Drop-Off Orders at Church after hours: Parish hall entrance - back circle of parking lot - place orders in LOBSTER BOIL Mail Box, and save a stamp.

  • Questions: Lobster Boil Phone Line (815) 756-4888